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  NSF A3+ Multi Functions Die Cut And Foil Stamp Machine  
  video Die cut & foil stamp machine sample      
  Foil Stamping Presses - THERM-O-TYPE Corp - has been designed to fill the
needs of greeting card, business card, stationery, invitation and
announcement manufacturers and commercial letterpress shops. NSF
A3+ Capabilities include hot foil stamping, blind and foil embossing, die and
"kiss" cutting, perforating, imprinting and numbering using traditional tooling.
The NSF A3+ can also be used to enhance digital output using the HSFF
(High Speed Foil Fusing), ThermoEmbossing and ThermoFusing.
The NSF A3+ is controlled through a Windows XP computer core with full
color display and touch screen interface.
Paper registration and foil draw length, counter functions, jam detect/interrupt,
double feed detect/interrupt, speed and impression pressure functions are
controlled and/or displayed through the full color touch screen.
Foil draw and paper position information can be entered and displayed in
inches or millimeters as required.
Electronic vertical sheet registration ensures precise imprint position with
simple, intuitive adjustments.
Horizontal and skew paper adjustments use simple mechanical controls.
Minor vertical and horizontal registration adjustments can be made while
the NSF A3+ is running.
Three sensors monitor paper movement through the NSF A3+. If a jam
condition occurs, the press will automatically drop off impression and stop.
Jam condition information will then appear on the control display. Sensors can
detect opaque, semi-transparent and many transparent materials.
Paper sensors and computer core also control counter functions, foil and
paper advance, air blast and the on/off impression mechanism as each sheet
is detected before being advanced into the imprint area.
One feature that has proven popular with operators is the TDC and BDC (top
dead center and bottom dead center) touch screen controls. TDC represents
the most closed position of the imprint mechanism. BDC represents the most
open position of the imprint mechanism.
Using these two controls, operators can quickly and accurately set the initial
imprint pressure at the start of each job. This helps to eliminate the potential
for smashing dies due to improper pressure adjustment.
This control is also useful when pouring a counter as the exact position of the
die to the counter foundation can be duplicated as many times as required
during the preparation and counter cast procedure.
The standard NSF A3+ foil system includes dual foil support shafts, dual foil
tension controls, a single programmable foil draw, and dual foil rewind shafts.
Multiple foil draw lengths can be programmed to minimize foil waste. Up to 6"
diameter foil rolls can be used, and foil draw length and tension can be
adjusted while the machine is running. A second programmable foil draw can
be added as an option if required.
The NSF A3+ feeder can hold a 32" high pile of stock and can be pre-loaded
while the press is running. The combination of high capacity feeder and preloading
significantly increase productivity, while reducing operator workload.
NSF A3+ Features:
Windows XP core/touch screen control
Embedded: - operator training
- maintenance information
- troubleshooting
- service information
- specifications Electronic self diagnostics
- 12 1/4" by 19" maximum sheets size
- 9 1/8" by 11 3/8" max. imprint area
- Electronic paper registration
- Double sheet detect/interlock
- Paper jam detect/interrupt
- Skip sheet impression throw-off
- Up to 5,500 impressions per hour
- Programmable foil draw (max.
 Model  NSF A3+ 
 Max. sheet size 311mm X 482mm
 Min. sheet size 89mm X 114mm
 Max. die cut area 232mm X 289mm
 Max. speed 5,500sheet/Hr
 Thickness 0.1~0.35mm
 Working mode Platen
 Imprint on single pass 2 times/per sheet
 feeder Air sucktion
 Max.foil diameter 152mm
 Electric power 220V single phase